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TAD provided
Receive a TAD-order

Documents, required to be given a TAD:

1. DIRECTION issues by the General Practitioner to an authorized doctor commission /DCC or TEDC/ - orthopaedic, neurological, surgery or other with regard to the illness.
2. MEDICAL PROTOCOL issued by DCC or TEDC for the respective TAD.
3. Presenting the medical protocol and identity card in front of the “Social Assistance” /”Social Care”/ Direction and being given an ORDER, permitting the receiving of TAD.
4. Submitting the order to “Health for everyone ”Association and RECEIVING THE TAD.
NOTE: In case of hospital patients or difficult to move patients all that is required is presenting stage epicrysis, issued by the GP, regarding the condition of the person in need of TAD in order to be given the medical protocol required.
Detailed information, concerning the rights of the patients can be found in MINISTRY OF LABOR AND SOCIAL POLICY Regulations No2/01.02.1999.

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