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“Health for everyone” association is a non-for profit organization, established in 1996 with main objective:unite, coordinate and improve the activity of all engaged in the field of health care. One of the main activities of the organization is to provide free of charge service with Technical Aiding Devices (TAD) to people with disabilities in compliance with regulations ¹2 of MLSP .The list of technical aiding devices include: wheelchairs, bathroom and toilet chairs, anti decubitus mattresses and pillows, hearing devices and batteries for them, laryngophones, portative chemical WCs, breast prosthesis, glasses, prosthesis rolls and socks, crutches, walking sticks, walking devices, etc. There is a built “ Agency for people with disabilities” extension of MLSP and that is the agency through which the Tads are paid to the importing-companies.

“Health for everyone” association appears to be a collective image of the activities of 12 leading Western companies- importers and 3 Bulgarian companies- manufacturers of aiding devices, for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.Our organization comprises 49 offices and braches all over the country. Our activity coordination headquarters is situated in the city of Pleven. Due to the specificity of that kind of business, our association implements its activities as a Social enterprise with an established firm, from where the payments for the fees on the part of our partner – companies are trasnfered. In its service to people in need our NGO is engaged in free of charge education for safe and correct exploitation of TAD, consultations in the course of the whole exploitation period, warranty and post-warranty service, etc.With that presentation we propose our partnership to the NGO, which are interested and willing to widen the range of social service provided. We are engaged in: training You for effective work in that sector of the social service, training You so that You receive license and certificates from the partnership companies in order to ring to legal Your activity in the region, starting product credit of 5000$, that can reach up to in 6 –month period 15000$, implementing the advertising activities by means of leaflets, stickers, brochures, office boards, etc.The payments is with compliance to the European criteria for high-paid part-time job, that is related to a scheme of increasing fees depending on greater number of patients serviced. For instance: the fee, paid for sales of 1up to 5 items per month of anti-decubitus mattresses is 40 leva, 6-10 items/month is 45 lv, 11-15 items/month å 50 lv, 16-20 items/month is 55 lv, over 20 items/month is 60 lv and over 30 items/month is fixed by individual arangement According to the statistics we have with regard to the activity of our offices, a branch, working in a region or a municipality with population of approximately 17000-20000 people can generate income within the frames of 600-900 lv/month .For the correct evaluation of the above data we can note, that one patient is being served on the average within 15 min. Unfortunatly Bulgaria holds one of the leading places as far as the number of heart-attacks, insults and cancers per capita is concerned. That sad statistics, along with the stressful lifestyle, ineffective health reform and other factors predefine the high percentage of disability in our country. From another point of view, that forms a large target group that is constantly growing in number. Along with that, the market for that kind of social service is bound to boost. This is a good and low-risk opportunity for Your organization to find an alternative income, guaranteeing its stable development. We remain with the sincere desire for future co operation, thank You for Your attention.
Dr. Emil Kyuchukov – Chairman of MB of “Health for everyone” association

Coordinator’s criteria of ”Health for everyone”association n-city of Pleven

1. 1. Well-known among local society, public figures that possess influence.
2. Working in the field of local government, structures of “Social assistance”(“Social care”)Directions or in the health sector is an advantage.
3. They should have opportunities to communicate with the Central office by phone.
4. They should provide architecturally – accessible rooms( basement or ground floor) for office and warehouse, preferably to the proximity of the Social care building.
5. Last, but not least, the COORDINATORS should be serious, punctual and correct people.

We engage ourselves with:

- training,advertisement materials/ stickers, brochures, leaflets, boards/product credit from 5000 to 15000 US dollars, logistic and technical aid.

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